ProBoard is a 4’ x 8’ reflective sheet that is rollable allowing you to take it on the road with you. The front, or the shooting side, of each board is available in white gloss or white matte or black matte finish. No more lugging around paper sheets or bulky backdrops. Comes in its own HURLEYPRO ProBag with 2 securing velcro straps.

The white gloss is versatile when used on the floor to create reflection and casts great reflective light when used as a background or bounce.

The back side of each board has a black semi-gloss finish. We suggest keeping the front of the board(shooting side) pristine by always rolling it up with the black semi-gloss side on the outside.



International Shipping:

We are working on our international shipping options at the moment.  Sorry for any inconvience.  We are just trying to minimize costs to other countries for you guys any news on this will be posted.