ProBoard is a 4’ x 8’ reflective sheet that is rollable allowing you to take it on the road with you. The front, or the shooting side, of each board is available in white gloss or white matte or black matte finish. No more lugging around paper sheets or bulky backdrops. Comes in its own HURLEYPRO ProBag with 2 securing velcro straps.

The white gloss is versatile when used on the floor or on a table to create reflection in portaiture or still life photography.  It's highly reflective, so easily casts great light when used as a background or bounce. The white gloss board comes with a white semi-gloss surface on the back of it, pictured last on the site


The white matte is perfect for any background situation where you might need a white or gray background for still photography or video.  Peter uses the white matte when shooting to let the background fall off to a nice gray when he needs it or hits it with a strobe to get it to his signature white background look. The white matte comes with a black semi-gloss on the back of it.

The black matte came about because Peter was concerned with shooting someone wearing black or having dark hair causing them to fall into the background and get lost.  He tested differenct surfaces to come up with the black matte product we now sell.  It's got a chalky black surface that when lit will allow a subtle separation between the subject wearing black and the black background.  It's become a staple in Peter's new work about to be launched in the coming months on  The back of the black matte board is a semi-gloss black. 



International Shipping:

Our official European distributor for ProBoard is Maurice Jager. For more info and to order ProBoard in Europe click here.